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Feb. 28th, 2011 03:30 pm
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[profile] sys_operator turned out to be a man generally unlike anybody Rose had ever met online in a manner similar to that. He was, for one thing, nicely physically fit, in way most people spending their lives behind the keyboard achieved very seldom. And there was a... a presence to him, an air of command, which, even faintly muted as he tried to keep it, was perceptible to her.

And it made the care which he took to making small, half-familiar, half-curious gestures a specific, peculiar form of deliberation.

In its way, it was near endearing, and definitely flattering.

He watched her usual vivacity with an odd mixture of curiosity and, as far as she could tell, fascination. And even while he was clearly also unused to the places that they met - the circus had been an interesting experience all around - his attention still did return mostly to her.

He was a good kisser, too, in a way that bordered on overwhelming, without pushing any more than she was, in that particular kiss.

Rose had to admit, he was an attractive man, too. The blue eyes and sandy hair, the easy features almost frozen in a single expression most of the time, and then growing enticingly animated, other times. Tall, powerful body, well-proportioned and in control of his motions. Awareness of his surroundings at a level that reminded Rose of her sister and others in that line of work, except that he was too much fascinated and not enough calculating. Most of the time.

And that aura of strength and maturity.

For all the seeming danger of either being overwhelming or ending up whisked away to whatever more important thing he might have to be doing, he left it to her to make the first move after the kissing, and followed gracefully as the touches progressed.

It only came to her after they were fully naked and she was looking at him appreciatively that she registered and recognized the look in the blue eyes. She hadn't seen it in quite a while, but there was little mistaking the half-trapped, half-eager expression.

"You... have no idea what you're actually doing, have you."

Clu's face flicked briefly in an expression of... anger? Before it closed down on her.

She blinked at the startling confirmation. Then made up her mind in a blink. Not in the least because he had contained the anger. "No, it's not really my business, and it only matters because now I know, I can make it even better, less awkward." Small shrug, before she stepped closer and ran her fingers up along his cheek, then along his shoulder, and down his chest. "There's nothing wrong with it," even as absurd as it was, in somebody his age and... looks. "We all started there once. You don't get to doing something unless you do it for the first time once."

"I don't need a teacher." It was partly a warning, that of a very proud person telling her to back off.

Rose brushed it aside. "You'd almost by necessity get one, unless you try with somebody very young, and that kind of thing is not recommended. Don't worry. I'll try not to be too didactic."

His eyes did glint at that, even if he didn't actually laugh.

"Now... it is different for everybody. But one of the things that tends to be universally valid is..." her hands were now steadily caressing his front, and he didn't seem to be disliking that, physically, "to enjoy. Enjoy your own body, enjoy the body of your partner. Let yourself feel all that you can." She rose to kiss his lips again, then trailed kisses down his throat. Then around, lips moving over his shoulder while her fingers trailed around his waist until she was behind him. Then down, feather-light over the nicely shaped buttcheeks. Pressing her face between his shoulderblades, and circling both arms around his waist, breathing in his scent and touching down, until her hands brushed just so along the length of his erection...

Yes, that got a gasp from him, a surprised, low-voiced exclamation, and his fingers grabbed her wrists. "Relax," she rose to her tip-toes to whisper in his ear. "Let me show you."

He held still, tense, before giving the slightest of nods.

They took their time.
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