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Mar. 29th, 2010 04:30 pm
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It wasn't anything much, really. But Eve was up and about, now, and working her web of contacts to make sure the mess was cleaned up - she had assured her sister she wasn't doing it personally unless somebody came after her again, and she had to be satisfied with that - and had asked Dawn to stay put. Safe, and at home, where home meant the hotel rooms that they shared.

For the sake of making sure she got better sooner, Dawn was compliant.

That didn't mean that she couldn't call in company, right? Especially company that Eve wouldn't object to.

It was just pizza. And wine, if they wanted to add mock-fancy, and beer, if they didn't. And, while he was coming over, she baked cookies. Not like it was that difficult! And she saved them up for a surprise, later.

Then again, after all the... stuff, it was a little awkward to just sit and... eat, kind of looking at each other across the table.

That got resolved by suggesting a carpet picnic instead. He eyed her a little curiously, but went along. Somehow, it was better, easier for both of them to relax.

"It's nice, isn't it?"


"Just. Hanging around. No adrenaline. Nobody in actual trouble. Don't you think?"

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[ Sitting on the floor now he nodded a bit lifting the beer up to his lips to take a drink after her speaking. He felt oddly at ease it was a peaceful feeling he had missed for a long time. Speaking up with his baritone voice] "this is kinda like camping inside when you're a kid and it rains."

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At ease was good; she liked it better when he could relax. Now that she had a chance to see the difference, it didn't seem that he got to do a whole lot of it. Relaxing, that is; and she knew that if you ran too long too taught, it became very difficult to chill. To be able to was a good thing.

She bit into her pizza, pulling the piece away when the cheese made a string, then grinned. "It was years ago that I figured that I'd be the baby sister, no matter how mature I acted, no matter what I did, and all that. Not that it's not irking, at times," and there had been times when she'd acted out just because of that, although that'd toned down with the years, "at some point I figured - might as well have some fun while at it. Up to and including borrowing fun ideas from kid-times."

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When he was relaxed it made everything easier he could be a bit more open with less concern if people were out to get him or what not. The young one just offered her a smile lifting the beer to his lips taking a long drink from it.

Reaching down for a slice of pizza he nodded some "That makes a lot of sense, its better to have fun while you have the chance, least thats what I think. Life's too short you know." He spoke as he looked over to her before taking a bite of the pizza. Yeah he could live like this. It was nice.

Date: 2010-04-04 06:30 am (UTC)
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"Yup. More or less." Dawn grinned back at him. "Depends on the fun, a bit, too. And where one wants to get."

She leaned back, just a little, and nibbled on her pizza. "Where do you? Want to get, I mean. Or, hmm. If you had practically unlimited money and resources. What would you do with yourself?"

She was curious, yes. With her and Eve, it had been making it through childhood, well, Dawn's childhood, and then they'd both been too entrenched in this kind of life, even enjoying it, most of the time. The way one enjoys a job that is interesting and she or he is good at. So. She was curious, at times, about other people. And she was particularly curious about Jack, because... just because.


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